Swim, Swim, Swim

wahey, passed the 40 miles swam mark in GTAIV as part of the Liberty City Marathon last night.

now just need the chuffing Social club to update the stats 😉


Spoke too soon

the hail was back with a vengeance today!

bloody weather needs to make it’s mind up.


…we have sunshine and warmth!



OK, own up. Who invented this stuff?

Bloody nature, no wonder America is trying to kill you. Snow I can take, Rain I can take too (not got much choice living round here) but getting pelted by hailstones head on whilst walking up the street and getting soaked and frozen to the bone at the same time? No ta.

Nature, you are a cunt.

Woodhead Walk

Well, since it absolutely chucked it down all day yesterday, i decided I’d take the dogs for an good long walk along the bank of the Woodhead Reservoir, along the Pennine Trail.

What started off as a warm day soon chilled down as the clouds came in and the wind picked up.

Didn’t stop the two mutts from enjoying themselves and Jake from marking every single little tuft of grass as ‘his’.

Territorial bugger.

Geordie Boys…

…Taking The Piss!

4-1, you chuffing beauty.

Painting is such fun…

…that is a lie, btw. It’s a boring, pain in the arse.

especially when it’s painting a beige wall a lighter shade of beige.