Spoke too soon

the hail was back with a vengeance today!

bloody weather needs to make it’s mind up.



…we have sunshine and warmth!



OK, own up. Who invented this stuff?

Bloody nature, no wonder America is trying to kill you. Snow I can take, Rain I can take too (not got much choice living round here) but getting pelted by hailstones head on whilst walking up the street and getting soaked and frozen to the bone at the same time? No ta.

Nature, you are a cunt.

Painting is such fun…

…that is a lie, btw. It’s a boring, pain in the arse.

especially when it’s painting a beige wall a lighter shade of beige.


Well, I thought I may as well join the blogging bandwagon, albeit about 3 years too late.

Is it even still a bandwagon?

Ah well, such are the vagaries of life. I doubt I’ll ever write anything interesting on here, and no doubt I’ll become bored shitless of it in about a weeks time, but for now, it’s here, so suffer through it while it lasts.