In Other News….

well, apparently england played France last night in Paris.

i say played, but in all honesty, i didn’t see much actual football, mainly due to the fact that it was one of the dullest and most uneventful games ever broadcast on television.

Could Capello do the impossible, and make the english national team even more boring to watch than it was under Eriksson? I say Eriksson rather than McCLaren, because let’s face it, and least under that useless sod there was comedy value to be had from the sheer awfulness of it all.



Well, I thought I may as well join the blogging bandwagon, albeit about 3 years too late.

Is it even still a bandwagon?

Ah well, such are the vagaries of life. I doubt I’ll ever write anything interesting on here, and no doubt I’ll become bored shitless of it in about a weeks time, but for now, it’s here, so suffer through it while it lasts.